Lil Xan Gets Sober And Changes His Mission

Rising rap star Lil Xan is out to change his image.

The rapper, whose name stands for Lil “Xanax,” is out to shed his image of a young, binging drug addict.

In fact, he has been off the junk for almost a year and he is hoping his name will eventually be associated with just the opposite.

“My whole movement is getting kids off of Xanax; that’s what we’re trying to do. I make it very clear on all social media aspects and the people know now. We’re going to keep pushing that until it’s in your face and you can’t ignore it.” Lil Xan

The new attitude comes on the heels of the shocking deaths of Fredo Santana, who died from an over-consumption of lean, and Lil Peep, who recently died from a drug overdose involving – Xanax.
One thing Lil Xan might want to focus on is his health.
The rapper admitted he starts his days off by eating junk food, although he despises smoking marijuana which is frequently offered to him when he wakes up on tour.
“I wake up, usually start my day off with some very unhealthy McDonald’s,” Xan revealed. “Then, I get offered weed multiple times, but I don’t smoke so that gets pretty annoying.”