Is Giving Away Weed The Next Trend In Live Performances?

With the recent passage of California’s Adult Use Marijuana Act it is now legal to give marijuana to people over 21.
A comedian named Adam Hartle did just that at his next comedy show in San Francisco over the weekend.
“We just wanted to do something fun that’s never been done before. Who knows, maybe in the future comedy clubs will have a 2 joint minimum instead,” said Hartle referring to the two drink minimum rule adopted by many comedy clubs in America.
While comedy and cannabis have a long history together in film and in stand up, this was the first time that a comedy crowd received free marijuana at a live show.
The audience was not allowed to light up during the performance as public consumption is still illegal in the Golden state.
Hartle and and the show’s producer Anthony Hashem have a history of giving away free marijuana.
They did a similar giveaway at the premier of their film, “Mile High- The Comeback of Cannabis” in 2014 which blended Hartle’s stand up with the historic vote to legalize marijuana in Colorado.