Mikey McFly Exposes The Dark Side Of Addiction With "Dare"

DWMG releases “DARE” with Mikey McFly, who takes us on an insane journey into his own life – not filled with popping bottles and luxury vehicles, but one where Mikey has faced and endured some of the dark challenges of today’s youth.
Bullying, drugs, and suicide are just some of the tolls that plagued Mikey’s young life. Collectively these things lead to the concept of “DARE.”
Like many vices, it was the music which put Mikey on the path of sobriety.
It was the inspiration of music which afforded him to keep those demons at bay and focus on recording this project to inspire other youth who are facing the very same struggles.

“There was a point in my life when I couldn’t get through a single day without being high. I just couldn’t face the ups and downs of the day without being behind a mask.” – Mikey McFly

“When I was a kid I was bullied all the time,” Mikey continues. “I couldn’t for the life of me understand what was wrong with me that made others want to mess with me. Was it my looks? My hair? The way I dressed? I was a kid like everyone else going to school, riding my bike and playing sports. Eventually, it was easier to be high than to be bothered with the rest of the world.”
“DARE” isn’t only a musical journey for Mikey, but it exemplifies the struggle of many young men and women who are seeking answers.
Mikey McFly has survived this tragedy and admits it’s a daily struggle, and he hopes to inspire someone with his story.
“DARE” is currently available on all digital platforms as well as streaming services.
The EP features the singles, “Suicide,” the autobiographical lyric of McFly’s attempt to take his own life and his latest single release, “Squad,” a tribute to those who helped Mikey learn how to cope and realize his dreams.