Cypress Hill Turns Their New Sneaker Line Into Art

Cypress Hill has collaborated with premium sneaker brand Six Hundred Four to create a limited collection that commemorates the 25th anniversary of their #1 album, Black Sunday.
The collection will be “surprise-released” for pre-order today, exclusively to those that sign up or follow @sixhundredfour.
Similar to the album, the shoes are packed with cannabis vibes.

Aside from being constructed with heavyweight hemp, the design also features hidden bongs and stash pockets, all while producing a very clean and sophisticated look. Even the side paneling subtly symbolizes the recent recreational legalization in California.
“Typically marijuana-themed shoes are obvious ‘stoner’ shoes, rarely providing a premium feel,” explained James Lepp, founder of Six Hundred Four. “This collection, however, gives the wearer more than just a premium clean-looking sneaker, but also a story-filled shoe packed with historical, current and futuristic cannabis vibes, all of which influenced by Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday album.”

“In many ways this sneaker reflects exactly what we’re about as music creators – unwavering pro-cannabis artistry. It has the most marijuana-themed elements of any shoe out there, yet those elements are only discoverable to those who really understand us.” – Cypress Hill’s lead rapper, B-Real

The shoes will retail for $225 USD.
Only 604 pairs will be made, with each option available in men’s and women’s sizes. Shoes will deliver in the spring.
Six Hundred Four is an emerging luxury sneaker brand, creating 604 pairs of limited edition shoes based off an original art piece. By utilizing specialized printers, each art piece is essentially tattooed onto the shoes, allowing them to be worn freely without fearing the art will peel or crumble away.

Similar to how an artist numbers their limited-edition prints, each limited-edition pair is individually engraved with a unique pair number, making every shoe one-of-a-kind.
Both the art and shoes can be viewed in their award-winning Sneaker Gallery located in Vancouver, BC.