From The Streets To The Bakery: How Cookie Plug Is Changing The Game With Hip-Hop And Cookies

Cookie Plug is a new and exciting business that has taken the dessert industry by storm. Founded in 2019 by a group of friends who shared a passion for baking and a desire to bring their homemade cookies to the masses, the company has quickly established itself as one of the hottest current concepts in the country.

What sets Cookie Plug apart from other cookie companies is its unique concept, which combines graffiti, street art, and hip-hop culture to produce an unmatched vibe.

“Cookies aren’t hard to find, but there is nothing cookie cutter about Cookie Plug,” says Cookie Plug Founder Erik Martinez. “We put a twist on cookies that has never been seen before by combining graffiti, street art, and hip hop and the best-tasting cookies on the planet. In less than three years, we have opened 32 locations, with well over a hundred more in the works.

The company serves up delicious, extra-thick cookies, known as “phatties,” freshly baked daily at every location. Each Cookie Plug location offers 16 daily cookie flavors with names such as SnooperDoodle (snickerdoodle), Pixie Junkie (sugar cookie), Purple Haze (purple velvet), The Mac Daddy (white chocolate chip macadamia nut), and of course, the OG (chocolate chip).

The Cookie Plug even has four carb-friendly keto flavors, including Kitt (chocolate chip), Black Magic (chocolate), Bart (peanut butter chocolate), and Calvin (snickerdoodle). In addition to its delicious cookies sold in-store, Cookie Plug also offers catering and free national shipping.

The company’s rapid expansion proves that the concept is unique and special. Experienced franchisees from around the country are joining the Cookie Plug family because of the low cost to open, high margin potential, and easy-to-run concept.

The company has huge plans for 2023, including targeting unexplored markets around the United States and abroad and adding more technology and vendor partners to keep pace with their heightened demand and expansion.

Cookie Plug is actively seeking franchise partners across the United States. While they encourage those with franchise experience to apply, the company’s easy-to-run concept is designed to accommodate first-time franchise partners. Above all else, Cookie Plug is looking for franchise partners who are passionate about the brand and its culture. With its unique concept, delicious cookies, and a low cost to open, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.