Is GoDaddy’s Signature Social Impact Program Right for Your Small Business?

When you think of GoDaddy, you probably think of a website-building platform.

And while GoDaddy certainly excels in that area, they also have a lot to offer small business owners looking to improve their digital presence and branding.

Introducing GoDaddy’s You Empower program! This 12-week course pairs GoDaddy employees with non-profit partners to provide one-on-one coaching to small business owners.

Not only do entrepreneurs get to develop their websites and improve their marketing, social media, and branding skills, but GoDaddy employees also get professional development opportunities.

Empower by GoDaddy, the company’s signature social impact program, offers digital tools and resources to entrepreneurs from underserved communities to help them grow their businesses.

Don’t let the name GoDaddy fool you – they have much more to offer than just website building.

The pilot program included three GoDaddy employees working with three non-profit partners: Impact Hub Baltimore, Better Business Bureau of the Pacific Southwest and the Alabama Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Alabama State University.

“This experience afforded me the opportunity to see things I would have never seen [being in Alabama]. The program gave me an understanding of who I am – the uniqueness of who I am. I now approach my work with even more conviction. I can help anyone lean in more and stretch.” – Desmond Sweet, GoDaddy Learning Program Manager

At the end, the partners reported that the entrepreneurs made great progress thanks to the personalized coaching and support.

“Most of the entrepreneurs were intimidated at first,” explained Mesha McMiller, a GoDaddy You Empower volunteer. “The entrepreneurs were hoping to convert more customers whether through driving product purchase, scheduling appointments, etc., so we helped them dial in on their goals and get to where they wanted to be.”

The GoDaddy employees also enjoyed the experience and are excited to see how the program will continue to grow and help more people.

So, if you’re a small business owner looking to improve your digital presence, consider giving GoDaddy’s You Empower program a try!