Kashif Puts Up Royalties To Teach The History Of R&B

[M]usic has long been at the center of human existence. Whether or not you are able to sing, play an instrument, or dance, music is something everyone can enjoy. There are so many different types of music now that there is something for everyone.
One particular type of music that developed in the 1930’s-40s has become very significant to popular music today. That is, rhythm and blues, or simply R&B. Rhythm and Blues music developed from urban, African-American music, jazz, and blues. Out of African-American history came lyrics of freedom, pain, and joy – this music was meant to be felt in your gut.
One particular R&B artist with significant influence in the music realm is simply known as Kashif. Born in the 1950s, Kashif Saleem is a singer-songwriter with six Grammy nominations. He has long been considered a pioneer of urban, R&B music. Because of his success, it was recently announced that Kashif will be producing and starring in the documentary, “The History of R&B Music and Its Influence on World Culture.” Kashif will be using his own royalty money to help fund the project.

The History of R&B
R&B singer/producer Kashif has always been a supporter of Black History. In 1984, he purchased the 12-room mansion that was once owned by groundbreaking baseball star Jackie Robinson in Stamford Connecticut.”

An auction was held through Royalty Exchange to sell Kashif’s royalties to songs he wrote and produced for stars like Whitney Houston, Kenny G, and Janet Jackson. The auction raised $156,000 for the documentary project. These funds will be used to help produce the documentary and distribute it all over the world.
To complete “The History of R&B Music and Its Influence on World Culture,” Kashif will tour the world interviewing artists and people in the music business to gather their stories and discover the meaning of R&B music. He is on schedule to travel between four different continents to conduct these interviews.
In addition to documenting the meaning of R&B music to people and cultures all around the world, proceeds from the documentary itself will also give back to the R&B community. Part of the profits will go to the R&B Foundation, an organization that seeks to support musicians in their old age as they step down from performance and suffer health and other issues.
According to Kashif, the tradition of R&B music is one of America’s greatest traditions. He attests that modern rock and roll, along with other styles of music, grew out of rhythm and blues. The hopes for this documentary are that it provides the world with a deeper understanding, historically, of this special music genre.
“Beginning with traditions of African and American folk themes, jazz rhythms and Delta blues, guitar players from the Deep South put their own stamp on the sound, and the whole world was influenced by it,” Kashif said. “The next generation needs to appreciate this history and know who the innovators have been over the years to better understand the global impact of R&B Music.”
As a country, America began its independence as a nation divided, with white Americans insisting on superiority and black African-Americans rising to claim their own rights as a people. Out of their differences and their unique culture came these different rhythms and musical styles that eventually gave rise to R&B in the 40s and 50s.
This style of music has a unique history, and that history needs to be made known. It is more than just cool sounds and neat beats; there is a unique purpose and history behind the music that means as much as the music itself. With his documentary, Kashif hopes to make that history known and share the story behind R&B music.
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