Common And His Mother Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines Want To Revolutionize Education

He’s always had a strong work ethic. He worked so hard as a student that he got straight A’s from elementary school all the way up through college. He’s worked very hard on his career – first and hip-hop and now in film as well. 

Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, One Day It’ll All Make Sense

[R]ap star Common’s acting career has advanced to a new level, thanks to his role in the film “Selma.” Also, with his recent Oscar Award with John Legend for the single “Glory” from the movie, there is no doubt his services will be more solicited than ever.
When he is not fielding proposals for his next big role, Common is staying busy motivating and supporting future leaders through his Common Ground Foundation. Next month, Common and his mother Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines will headline the Sixth Annual ASU + GSV Education Innovation Summit.
The annual conference brings together policy makers, as well as experts from the tech, education and business world.

Common and his Mother
Common and his mother, Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines. One time as a young woman, she had to pull a gun on Common’s father Lonnie Lynn (RIP), after he repeatedly attempted to kidnap the both of them.

Common, who majored in Business Administration at Florida A&M University, will serve as the keynote speaker for the summit.
“Education is important in all our lives, young or old, it’s the foundation to progress for all human beings,” Common said. “It’s an honor and a gift to come together with educators, entertainers, and corporate leaders to have a conversation about ways to create better conditions, better communities, and a better world.”
Common will be accompanied by panelists that include Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.
After his keynote speech, Common and his mother, Dr. Hines, will discuss how to revolutionize the $8.8 billion ed-tech industry.
“Common has been a huge influence not only on the music industry and Hollywood, but an inspiration for younger generations and a driving force in helping us realize hope, equality and opportunity in communities everywhere,” added Deborah Quazzo, founder and managing partner of GSV Advisors and Common Ground Foundation board member.
Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is also looking forward to bestowing his business knowledge and experience for the sake of stimulating future entrepreneurs.
“I would be challenged to find a more worthy cause for such inspiration than the effort to accelerate innovation in the name of improving education and creating a better world,” Sir Richard said.
The Sixth Annual ASU + GSV Education Innovation Summit takes place April 6–8 at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.