If Moonlite Bunny Ranch Owner Succeeds, He'll Get Paid And You'll Get Laid In Cuba

[W]hen President Barack Obama declared in December of 2014 that the United States and Cuba were restoring diplomatic relations, entrepreneurs around the world began salivating over the potential business opportunities.
The notable shift in attitudes towards the communist nation could spur the flow of money and people between the two countries.
One person that unquestionably wants in and sees a great money-making opportunity is The Bunny Ranch proprietor, Dennis Hof.
The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is a licensed and legitimate bordello in Carson City, Nevada. There are many in Nevada but, The Bunny Ranch is the one most solicited, because of the publicity surrounding the company its owner thanks to the hit HBO reality show, “Cathouse: The Series.”
Dennis Hof is hoping to spread his Bunny Ranch franchise outside of Nevada and into Havana.

Dennis Hof, owner of The Moonlight Bunny Ranch, spoke at Oxford University, where he discussed “the world’s oldest profession” – prostitution.

“The Cuban people have suffered from government sanctions for generations, and the cultural awakening that its masses are about to experience would not be complete without the sexual empowerment for which The Bunny Ranch is known worldwide,” Hof said.
Walking down the street, during the day or night in the U.S., it’s unusual to see people just brazenly engaging in hooking.
While there may be pockets of open air markets operating illegally, most frown upon the practice of prostitution, thanks to the violence and human trafficking problems that come along with the job.
But, on the small island of Cuba, there are many clandestine clubs where you can find “jinetera’s” peddling their bodies for clothing, accessories and, of course, money.
The United States halted relations with Fidel Castro and Cuba in 1961, due to his ties to communism. Castro stepped down in 2006 due to failing health, clearing the way for improved diplomatic relations between the two countries.
But before Castro’s takeover of the previous regime, Cuba was already known as “The Brothel of The Caribbean,” thanks to the sex trade spawned by American and foreign tourists.
Castro cleaned up the industry for a while, but financial hardships because of an ongoing economic embargo, has helped the world’s oldest profession flourish on the island in recent years.

Cuban Hands covering breasts

Although pimping, prostitution and owning brothels is forbidden in Cuba, the country still has the largest sex trade in the Americas, according to data released by the UN Committee on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2013.
Hof could be the first in an industry that’s already tolerated by the local police. For example in 2011, the administration reported just 660 arrests for prostitution on an island with a population of over 11,500,000 people.
“In Cuba, foreign men can command Cuban women and girls with the same ease used to order cocktails,” according to a report issued by the Global Policy Forum.
An added layer of complexity is added to the dilemma when one factors in employment discrimination and other challenges faced by Afro-Cubans, at the hands of their white counterparts.
President Obama’s new laws went into effect as of January 16, 2015. Now, Americans who visit Cuba will no longer need special licenses to do so.
Travelers will be able to use credit cards in the country and can even bring back $100 in alcohol and tobacco products. If Hof has his way, visitors will be able to buy sex legally, to the profit of his proposed brothel.
“I have visited the Cuba many times, and I look forward to working with the Cuban government to enrich the lives of its people, not only with the recreational pleasures that The Bunny Ranch is known for, but also with the infusion of good jobs to an embattled economy,” Hof said.
Once in Cuba, Hof is hoping to have cigars and a number of congressmen by his side. No, it won’t be Robert Menendez; the Florida Senator accused of having sex with an underaged Cuban girl on the island, in 2012.
In order to seal the deal, Hof extended some hot free sex to Castro’s brother and Cuban President, Raul Castro.
“I have always enjoyed a good cigar, and when I appeared on the cover of Smoke Magazine, they highlighted The Bunny Ranch’s humidor. “I would love to fill the humidor at our Havana location with Cuban cigars, and I would even welcome President Raul Castro to be my guest at the grand opening and smoke one with me in the parlor,” says Hoff.
Although it’s inconceivable, stranger things have happened. According to Hof, if his Cuban brothel is approved to open, even former dictator Fidel Castro will get a piece of the action.
“If he wants to party with one or more of the girls, it would certainly be my treat,” Hof stated. “The Bunny Ranch has a long-standing policy of free sex for heads of state, and President Castro certainly wouldn’t be the first one to take me up on that offer.”