Can This Free Education Portal Work "MAGIC" On The Fashion Industry?

[A]nyone working in the industry of fashion knows the importance of the months August and February.
For the past 85 years, these have been the months that tens of thousands of members from the fashion community descend upon Las Vegas, during the annual MAGIC conference.
The annual exhibitions connect retailers, buyers, manufacturers, distributors, and clothing brands.
Rappers ranging from LL Cool J, Big Sean and Pusha T have launched their clothing lines into the marketplace during the convention.
There’s no doubt that attending MAGIC twice a year can be advantageous, but the trip can be expensive. For merely airfare and hotel, one might spend a few thousand bucks to visit both gatherings.
Thanks to the creators of MAGIC, fashion lovers can acquire invaluable insight into the trade through MAGIC University.
Check out this video that walks you through the in’s and out’s of attending the MAGIC convention in Las Vegas. The host of this video has been to MAGIC 30 TIMES!

The brand-new, free education portal is the first of its kind in the business, made by MAGIC’s parent corporation, UBM Advanstar. In addition to MAGIC executives, fashion experts from all over the world will be used as resources for the global fashion industry.
The purpose is to be a continuing education source for the ever-evolving fashion industry.
“This resource breaks down some of the natural barriers found in acquiring tactical business information,” said UBM Advanstar’s Leslie Gallin. “It allows us to inspire retailers and designers to peer across different parts of the retail industry to find instruction, tools and ideas from seasoned industry veterans.”
The website, which will be refreshed quarterly, just started featuring five main areas of coverage: Multi-channel marketing, social media, trends, demographics and product design.
The news comes as UBM Advanstar gears up for the February 2015 MAGIC, which will run from February 16 – 19, 2015.
Check out some tips from each of MAGIC University’s offerings and head over to the site to stay abreast on the happenings in the world of fashion.


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Omni-Channel Marketing

No matter how your customer buys, it is important to make sure they can find what they want – when they need it. This series provides a comprehensive guide to develop successful e-commerce, merchandising, and marketing tactics to connect with customers across all touch points.

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Social Media

Social media has become the most powerful connector for retailers in terms of customer service, engagement and sales. MAGIC has broken down the five most important platforms and apps you must know in social media.

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Navigating consumers’ preferences and determining how to build those into future apparel, accessories, and footwear demands is a complex task. MAGIC teamed up with leading forecasting experts to help you lay out the groundwork.

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Consumer Demographics

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, to Gen Z, brand marketers need to understand the behavioral triggers of these segments. By understanding their values, aspirations, and beliefs, brands will win customers’ lifetime loyalty. MAGIC has revealed what is driving consumer behavior in 2015.

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Product Design + Sustainability

Brands, retailers, and product designers are looking for ways to create more efficient manufacturing processes. From local manufacturing to 3D printing and waterless denim to more environmentally friendly production processes, brands want to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining their bottom line.
To get more free information like this, check out MAGIC University.