Veteran Rapper Rob Base Flips "It Takes Two" Money; Executive Producing New Comedic Play

[A]s the author of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest singles, rapper Rob Base knows a thing or two about stages. “It Takes Two,” which came out in 1988, has been a staple on radio stations of all formats, since the song was released.

Practice Scene from Unequally Yoked!
The cast of “Unequally Yoked!” rehearses for the upcoming debut of the play, which is March 27th.

Tracks like “Joy and Pain” “Times Are Gettin’ Ill” and “Get On The Dance Floor” from Rob Base and DJ EZ’ Rocks debut album It Takes Two afforded the rapper the opportunity to travel around the globe.
Rob Base stays occupied with “old school” tour packages that still sell out arenas, even though the rapper has not released an album since 1994 (DJ EZ Rock passed in 2014).
Rob Base is investing his money and betting on his many years of experience with stage performances, as an executive producer of the new comedic play “Unequally Yoked!.”

Lynette Blackwell and Rob Base
Lynette Blackwell and rapper Rob Base are teaming up to create the new comedic play “Unequally Yoked!”

The show is a comedic play written, produced and directed by Lynette J. Blackwell, a graduate of SUNY Old Westbury. Rob Base and Blackwell met many years ago, during one of Robe Base’s shows.
The result of that meeting is “Unequally Yoked!”, a play which centers around a fictional character named “Pastor Franklin Regis,” of the Church of Genisis to Revelations.
Pastor Regis must deal with a philandering wife, an “unruly” congregation and individual demons before his church descends into hell.
“I have known Lynette for over 20 years and have always been impressed with her,” rapper Rob Base of his investment in the play. “The potential that I see in her stage play Unequally Yoked! is immeasurable, so my coming aboard as Executive Producer was inevitable.”
The pair have assembled a cast of actors, including Steven Green, Juanita Frederick, *Vernice Miller, Jahmone Duhaney, Blondean Young, Stacey Forbes and others star in “Unequally Yoked!.”
“This play has brought me so much joy, It has challenged me, opened my thoughts to new horizons and given me a different perspective on life,” Lynette Blackwell said.
“Unequally Yoked!.” will première and run March 27-29th with seasoned media figure Ralph McDaniels hosting the red carpet at The National Black Theater in Harlem. A second production will take place April 3-5th.
For more information or to buy tickets, check out this link.