Data Offers Proof That Meek's Beef With Drake Was Bad For Nicki Minaj's Ticket Sales

Nicki Minaj
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Nicki Minaj

The fallout from Meek Mill’s decision to start a rap beef with Drake has had an impact on The Pink Print Tour’s bottom line. Meek may have raised his social profile and gained followers, but ticket prices for his girlfriend’s tour dropped at an abnormal rate.
A report in the Philadelphia Inquirer analyzed the ticket prices and sales for The Pink Print Tour, and the results show a sharp drop in both since the beef started. The paper tapped a data analyst and representative from TickPick, who found an “exaggerated downward trend in ticket sale prices for the couple’s tour.”
The decline started at the same time Meek began bashing Drake with claims that the Toronto rap star did not write his lyrics. Meek claimed Drake used a ghostwriter for the standout song “R.I.C.O.” on his chart topper, Dreams Worth More Than Money.
The proof of the beef impacting sales in a negative way for Nicki tops off a turbulent month for Meek. His lukewarm response to Drake’s “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” came in the form of the track “Wanna Know.”
However, Meek’s response is a bit harder to find, since it has been pulled offline.
“Wanna Know” features snippets of The Undertaker’s theme music and prompted a legal threat from the WWE to Meek and his camp if they did not comply with the takedown request.
In addition to fighting off Drake and WWE, the rapper and members of his camp have also been trading insults with Philly rappers Ar-Ab and Dark Lo. Many fear their issues could explode off of wax, including Meek, who posted a since deleted tweet condemning all the gun talk. To make matters worse, the Philadelphia Eagles been very public about their support for Drake by playing “Back to Back” during training sessions.
Check out the graphic below:

The Declining Sales Of The Pink Print Tour