Who Would You Want to Get Into Business With? New Poll Reveals Interesting Answers

Over 56 million people in the United States are employed by small businesses, which have been labeled the backbone of the economy. The odds are you work for a small business since the employees make up 49% of the private sector workforce. If you are the owner a small company and have run into difficulties, who would you use as a mentor?
Who would you sell your business to? Donald Trump? Mark Cuban? Oprah Winfrey? Dr. Dre? A new study conducted by Xero tried to answer that question with data published in a recent poll. Xero queried almost 1,000 customers who use their accounting software created for small businesses.
The replies were just as dynamic as the small business economy.

Jay Z Live
Small business owners would love to work with rapper/entrepeneur Jay Z.

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey topped the list, with 39.7% of celebrities small businesses would want to go into business with.
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow landed at #2, thanks to the success of her online venture Goop. Mark Cuban, Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney, Jay Z, Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian rounded out the list.
Donald Trump may be doing well in his effort to be President of the United States in terms of polling, but for small firms he is the least admired person. Despite his success with his Trump brands, which has made him a billionaire a few times over (the number is in question but he is rich), Trump landed low on the list.
Over 27% of those surveyed believed that the Donald’s advice would be bad for their business.
The research produced an analysis of Dr. Dre.
Over 20% of Xero’s clients believe he should retire. Interestingly, the poll was conducted months before Dr. Dre was compelled to issue an apology for his blatant degradation of women during the early part of his career.
The study concluded that Dre should be focused on Beats by Dre and his venture with Apple.

Xero Survey of Small Businesses