What's a Civil Engineering Degree Have To Do With Kanye's Creative Outlook? Turns Out, A lot!

A photo posted by @virgilabloh on Aug 18, 2014 at 3:01pm PDT


Two former roommates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently returned to campus to discuss the keys to their phenomenal post-graduate success.

Virgil Abloh and Gabriel Stulman graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison into 2003. Abloh, who majored in civil engineering, designs for his own brand Off-White.
Abloh is also Kanye West’s creative director.
The pair returned to Madison last week to participate in a “Red Talk” that was sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Association.
At first glance, it would be easy to believe Abloh’s civil engineering degree plays no part in his fashion design, or his day to day responsibilities for someone who is as demanding as Kanye.

“[My degree] taught me how to multitask,” Abloh said during the Q&A session. “Nothing that you learn is actually useless. The parallels that you draw from some quadratic equation…is just as difficult in figuring out how to pay rent…I use my engineering degree all the time and I think I don’t use it at all.”

Gabriel Stulman also went on to find success as a restaurateur in New York City after graduating with a degree in History and Political Science.
Stulman told students of the work and determination it took him and will take students to succeed in their chosen career. He also explained how the process of college prepared him for his real world experiences.
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