Scott Storch On Struggling, Maintaining in The Music Business and Career Decisions


When caught up with Scott Storch, he was far from the hard-partying playboy that has made him as much a legend as his lengthy production discography.

This Scott Storch was very subdued and humble. So much so, that he refused to be photographed in front of his platinum plaques, for fear that he would send the wrong message about his new image and lifestyle.
Although he has produced hits for artists like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, Scott Storch filed for bankruptcy in June, claiming he lost a $70 million fortune.
Well, Scott Storch is not alone when it comes to celebrities and athletes and financial mismanagement, for whatever reason.
An ESPN report found that over 80% of NFL athletes are broke just two years after they retire, while the rate is 60% within five years for NBA players. Celebrities like 50 Cent, Donald Trump, Stan Lee, Warren Sapp, Dennis Rodman and others have filed for bankruptcy when facing financial hardships.
It was recently reported that Scott Storch completed a course on personal financial management. The producer passed a certified test by the Debt Education and Certification Foundation in Flordia, as part of his recent bankruptcy case.
At least Scott Storch is taking the initiative to learn from his past mistakes.

Scott Storch
Super producer Scott Storch

Music life. Struggling. I had to pay my dues. I started pretty young. I’ve been on my own since turning 16. I made a way for myself, survived and maintained while creating a career for myself.

Had I (not) choose music, I probably would have went to college and enjoyed all of those years and got something from it, but I had to go for right and what I believed in was my future. (I did) a lot of learning just like school, but had to learn in the street.

There’s a few people over the years that influenced me, As a human being and in the world of music. A couple of them, the main characters is Richard Nichols (R.I.P.) and Derrick Jackson. They were both manager figures to me and people that helped me nurture my career and nurture my life.