Student Takes On Walmart With Hoverboard Business


For aspiring entrepreneurs, being in college does not just result in the acquisition of knowledge.

Most campuses in the United States are equipped with the tools needed to launch a successful business if that’s your thing.
Phillip Drake, a junior majoring in business administration, is taking advantage of these opportunities with the launch of a small business selling those glowing hoverboards to other students. The boards are popping up on college campuses around the country, thanks in part to celebrity endorsements from rap stars like Wiz Khalifa, Fetty Wap and 2Chainz.
However, the influx of hoverboards on the college campuses is also making it a little easier for students to get to and from classes, allowing Drake to do a brisk business while he earns his degree.
“They’re going to take over the world eventually,” said Phillip Drake, a junior majoring in business administration at The University of Alabama. “Scooters are going to be like Playstation and Xbox-everyone’s going to have one eventually. It’s going to be that big.”
Drake is right. In fact, Walmart recently announced they would begin selling the hoverboards this November, just in time for the holiday purchasing season. For now, Philip Drake is not too worried about the retail giant cutting into his business thanks to a competitive advantage.
Thanks to his interest in technology, Drake went to an area in China known as “The Valley” where many of the most popular hoverboards are created in manufactured.
He met a supplier with very competitive prices, which allows him to export the boards to the United States for sale. Purchasing a board, which ranges from $600 to $1,500 could help improve the quality of life if the technology is not used as a novelty item.
“It’s kind of an investment,” Phillip Drake said. “You go to class every day. You can wake up late and still make it to class on time.”