Kanye West Yeezy Boost The "Best Sneak Of All Time"? It's At Least The Best Of 2015!

It looks like Kanye West made the right decision when he dumped Nike for a better deal.

Approximately two years ago around this time, the news broke that Kanye was dropping Nike and his Air Yeezy for an opportunity to work on a greater level, with Adidas.
The rapper was disillusioned with Nike after the company declined to offer royalties on the sales of his sneaker line. The astute businessman in Kanye came out when he gave Nike executives a dose of reality after signing his agreement with Adidas.

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“Nike told me, ‘we can’t give you royalties because you’re not a professional athlete,'” Kanye fumed to Angie Martinez. “I told them, ‘I go to the Garden and go one on NO ONE. I’m a performance athlete.’”
It might be an irrelevant point to a company that earned $8 billion last quarter, but Kanye will finally be awarded for the release of his critically acclaimed Yeezy Boost sneaker line with Adidas.
This December, Kanye will take home the “Shoe of the Year” honor at the 2015 FN Achievement Awards in New York.
Kanye is being acknowledged for his Yeezy Boost sneakers during Footwear News’ award celebration that’s been dubbed “the shoe Oscars.”
“The Yeezy Boost 350 style, in particular — a low-cut version of the original, featuring a Primeknit upper — has been a huge hit across a wide swath of influencers, from sneakerheads to stars, fashionistas, and a wildly devoted public,” reps for Footwear News said.
The rapper took advantage of his popularity and Celebrity during the 2015 Grammy Awards, where he introduced his Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost high-tops during a performance of his song “Only One.” Shortly after the ceremony, the rapper made full use of his wife Kim Kardashian-West’s powerful ability to influence.
Mrs. West sent a picture to her 50.2 million followers, showing the stars who were receiving a pair of the coveted sneakers. Kanye even personally presented a pair to President Obama. The demand for a pair of the limited edition sneakers exploded, causing prices for the rare kicks to reach as high as $1000. One man even offered to trade his Yeezy 350’s in exchange for a kidney transplant.
Kanye’s efforts to use his power to promote the Yeezy Boost was not lost upon Footwear News.
“West’s connective power across multiple industries, combined with the giant force of his own fame — and his family’s — has propelled the silhouette’s media and retail dominance,” reps for Footwear News said.
And it only gets better for Kanye. His Yeezy Season 1 releases Oct. 29 and will include the 950 boot while the new Yeezy Boost 350 is expected in stores on November 14.