DJ SKEE + Los Angeles Film School Students = A Dope Season 2 Of SKEE TV

Each week, Hip-Hop music is represented to the fullest on television, thanks to Scott Kearny, aka DJ SKEE, and his “SKEE TV” television show on Fuse.
In 2015 alone, guests like Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign, MGK, Mark Ronson, Kid Ink and numerous others graced the couch and talked to SKEE. If you’ve been watching SKEE since he hit cable on AXS’s TV’S “SKEE Live” in 2013, you may have noticed an upgrade in the set design and the overall quality of the show.
The new look is thanks to a deal with Fuse and a partnership between The Los Angeles Film School and his production company, Language Media. DJ SKEE told that the new season of SKEE TV will be the biggest yet.
SKEE is getting some help from students at The Los Angeles Film School, where the show films from the school’s Sunset Boulevard location in Hollywood, California.
Alumni from the school participate in the production of each taping of SKEE TV and current students at the school get to watch the performances on campus at the Ivar Theatre.

The Game Visits SKEE TV At The Los Angeles Film School

The Game Visits SKEE TV At The Los Angeles Film School

Teachers linked with the DJ SKEE to help students at the school get real-world experience in addition to expediting the process of bringing world-class talent to the campus. SKEE bringing some diversity to the heart of Hollywood is much-needed. The issue has become so bad that USC launched a program to actually grade companies in Tinseltown on the ethnic diversity, or lack thereof, at their companies.
The partnership for the first season went so well that the Los Angeles Film School has decided to renew the partnership to produce the new season of SKEE TV.

“[We are] bringing it on a bigger scale this season,” DJ SKEE explained to “You’ll see [an] updated set and bigger performances. We are going after the best in everything from tech; you’ll see top CEOs of major companies to the top athletes in the world, to anybody making an impact in art and the culture. We have added on even more people on the production side, incredible visual and creative talent, and we are just trying to take it to another level.”

DJ SKEE will also continue the show’s tradition of finding new artists before they become mainstream sensations.
“You saw that last season with Post [Malone], who we are going to bring back again,” DJ SKEE said. “Nobody knew he was when we had him on the show and [his song “White Iverson”] has become a #1 record. We put him on TV before they put him on the radio, or anywhere.”
For Diana Derycz-Kessler, the CEO of The Los Angeles Film School, the relationship with DJ Skee has allowed students to receive a robust understanding of film, television and live sound production.
“This is one of the many manifestations of our commitment to our students and their careers,” Derycz-Kessler said. “DJ Skee and his top-talent guests have been great partners in helping us continue to assist them in achieving industry success.”