Check Out How This Syracuse University Student Flipped His YouTube Channel To Pay For College

Being a student and holding down a job can be a difficult, demanding task.

Making time to study, going to class and having some free time suddenly becomes a burden, all for some crappy minimum wage. However, earning and saving money is critical, especially if you don’t want to be too far behind on student loans after graduation.
One student at Syracuse University named Matt Cobuzio has skipped the traditional job route, although running his own business as one of the top YouTube game reviewers is a full-time job in itself.

Matt Cobuzio aka mcsportshawk gaming setup
Matt Cobuzio aka mcsportshawk gaming setup

Cobuzio is a senior at Syracuse University with a dual major in Television, Radio and Film as well as information management.
Each night, Cobuzio logs onto YouTube as mcsportzhawk and reviews the latest games.
He started the channel in 2009 when he was a sophomore in high school, without much fanfare.
Despite having no followers and some criticism from his parents for being on the computer too long and not making enough money, Cobuzio continued to evaluate the latest games for multiple gaming platforms.
After four years of constant work,mcsportzhawk started to see a lift in his fan base. Today,mcsportzhawk has almost 500,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.
Most importantly, Matt Cobuzio, aka mcsportzhawk, earns enough money to pay for his college education the senior said in an interview with The Daily Orange.

“The best thing about YouTube is that I’ve become so much more confident about what I’m able to do and who I am since starting posting videos and making it successful that it’s not even once fazed me; I can read the worst hate comments you could imagine and I don’t have a problem with it,” Matt Cobuzio said.

Managing his tight schedule is critical to the success of mcsportzhawk’s video business. In addition to doing the reviews, he edits his videos and manages two other YouTube channels. Thanks to his experience with YouTube, Matt Cobuzio is planning his next move after college.
He is creating an online course to show people how to maximize the revenue potential of their YouTube channel.