This 17-Year-Old Should Inspire You To Step Up Your Business Game In 2016

If you are looking for some inspiration to start or grow your business this year, then look no further than Anthony “Max” Baron.

Max Baron
Max Baron, Founder of

[M]ax is the founder of, which turns high school and college students with social influence into ambassadors for various brands, looking to reach that particular market.
Max started the business when he was 15. He felt that he could come up with a better way for brands to scientifically reach and influence students on high school and college campuses.
“This group of [young] people is pulling everything from what to buy to breaking news off social media,” Max Baron told AdAge. “People no longer look at sidebar [ads]. We want to be front center in an organic way that drives sales for these brands on campus.”
Max is currently a student at St. Paul’s School, where he runs out of his dorm room. If you think your time is crunched from running your business, take some notes from Max.
Aside from running a profitable business, Max is extremely engaged on campus at St. Paul’s, where he plays varsity tennis, competes on the skiing team and is a member of the debate team.
In 2017, Max is planning on expanding prep reps client base. He hopes the custom algorithm he created to identify the most impactful ambassadors will lead him to larger customers.