Best Commercials Of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is behind us, with Peyton Manning and The Broncos defeating Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers 24-10.

If you’re like most of the U.S. viewing population, watching the game is cool but you tuned in to check out the commercials. This Super Bowl cost advertisers the most in the games history, with spots averaging $4.8 million for :30 seconds.

Kevin Hart and Hyundai’s ad hit the mark. In the spot, Kevin follows his daughter on a date and the plot line cleverly serves to show off the technology that’s in the new Hyundai. It’s a memorable spot and and should sell some Hyundai’s. The video was a hit before the Super Bowl and has already racked up 9 million views on YouTube alone.

2. This was a funny commercial where comedian TJ Miller walks into a bar and has a snapping session with the sprout of a liquor gun.

3. Buick did a good job giving the commercial for the new Cascada a sporty feel. Even though it’s set in a wedding, the ad is clearly targeting football fans with an opening sequence featuring a woman catching a bouquet in slow motion. Odell Beckham Jr. makes his cameo as the bride and groom speed away in the new Cascada. All in all, this spot should help Buick continue their push to reach a younger demographic and shed their old image.

4. Bud Light’s commercial with Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer hit the mark. Budweiser took full advantage of the ridiculousness of this year’s election cycle by going on a campaign with a platform touting the American value of drinking Bud Light. The ad is funny as the pair attempt to unify almost all of America under the banner of Bud Light. It seemed to resonate with America, and already has 5 million views.

5. Cure Auto Insurance did a decent job with some morbid humor. A bro is sitting by his dad on his deathbed when he spots a sexy redheaded nurse. When the bro turns around, his dad has died, before he can tell son his last final words. The point? Avoid distractions.

6. Amazon did a good job for its new gadget the Echo. The advertisement featured Missy Elliot, Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino and others. The commercial with Missy uses a slick comedic bit of back and forth that allows the commercial to showcase the purported accuracy of the Amazon Echo speaker. If it works as advertised, you can ask it questions, order things and stream music on demand. Amazon’s could really be onto something with the Echo. It looks nice, can be functional and impress your friends.

7. Schick Hydro put together a cool little commercial based off of Transformers. The Schick razor transforms to take on its nemesis, a cheaper razor. Add on some special effects, and the defeat of the wack razor, which gets sliced into pieces into the sink, and you have a decent commercial that will appeal to the target audience – men who need to shave.

8. Drake showcases his comedic acting ability during a bit in a pretty funny ad for T-Mobile. T-Mobile spoof’s Drake’s hit single “Hotline Bling” with a commercial that shows how other carriers ruin everything, including the “Hotline Bling” video. The short form version and the long form version of the ad have already racked up 1 million views a piece.