Super Bowl 50: It's All About Beer and Girls

This year’s Super Bowl is a perfect excuse to get drunk and meet some girls.

According to the stats, the numbers are in your favor thanks for the hype around Super Bowl 50.

Product review site Influenster did a survey of over 6,000 customers and came up with some interesting stats.
We sifted through it to give you the most important facts and this is what we uncovered:
Beer and girls.
According to Influenster’s reviews platform, 82% of American women plan on watching Super Bowl 50. This may be a result of the all the hype surrounding the event’s golden anniversary. Interestingly, women enjoy watching commercials (78%) the most out of all elements of the Super Bowl 50.
If you’re going to bring some beer to that Super Bowl 50 party, why don’t you be considerate and bring something that everyone drinks?
You can’t lose if you pick Budweiser (#1), Corona (#2) and Blue Moon (#3). That’s followed by Heineken (#4) Coors Light (#5) Sam Adams Summer Ale (#6) Bud Light Platinum (#7) Miller Lite (#8) Guinness Draught (#9) and Michelob Light (#10).

SuperBowl InfographicF