Woman Makes Business Out Of Men's Lust For Kim Kardashian

The thirst for Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian is real.

The demand for Kim is so undeniable that there are imposters, wannabe’s and even look-alikes.

One woman, in particular, took advantage of her similarities to Kim Kardashian West and managed to cash in last year. Christine Ham, 26, joined WhatsYourPrice.com in early 2015.

The website allows men to competitively bid on the woman of their choice.
According to Ham, who lives in Los Angeles, her remarkable similarities to Kim started paying dividends as soon as she registered for the site.
“My features are what reminded of them of Kim Kardashian, and [I] was constantly compared to her,” she told Daily Mail. They couldn’t wait to meet me, and sometimes I was told I looked better than her. I still find that hard to believe.”
Ham earns about $200 a date, although her biggest fish shelled out $1500, just for her company. Taking money to go on a date might make finding true love more elusive for some, but not for Ham, who believes the opposite.
In addition to caking up, Ham thinks she will also find the man of her dreams.
“I definitely believe WhatsYourPrice.com can be a helpful source to finding that one special person,” Ham said.