New "Trapathon" Party Turning Into A Successful Business For Students

Former Ohio State University student Shawn Khemsurov and his friend CJ Townsend saw an opportunity in Columbus, Ohio.

While there were many events that centered around Top 40 Hip-Hop and the Golden Era, no one was promoting to genre’s newest style, “Trap Music.”

So, the pair merged skill sets and decided to launch the “Trapathon” event series.
The aim of Trapathon is to highlight the popularity of Trap Music amongst all demographics and provide a space where devotees of the style can have fun and network.
“We’re in that DIY punk mentality, charging little to nothing to get into shows,” Trapathon co-founder Shawn Khemsurov told The Lantern. “It’s more about something to do with your friends, to meet more friends. It’s not about the money.”
Unlike like most events that emphasize a rather strict dress code when playing the subgenre of Hip-Hop, Trapathon welcomes all.
The pair meticulously curates the music for each Trapathon and even welcome local artists from the region to perform.
It is even free to attend if you can get inside. To discover more about the Trapathon series click here.