Here’s Why Chance the Rapper Will Lose A Lot Of Money If The Trail Blazers Do Good In The Playoffs

Chance the Rapper and the Golden State Warriors have a potential battle brewing and it could result in a huge monetary loss for Chicago the Hip-Hop artist.

Problems started welling up earlier this week after SB Nation’s Tim Cato pointed out a possible conflict between the two powerhouses.
Chance is supposed to play at the Oracle Arena on April 26.
But if a Game 5 goes down between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Golden State Warriors in the upcoming NBA playoffs, there’s going to be big issues.
The NBA has scheduled Game 5 of the series for the same day that Chance is supposed to take the stage. If that happens, Chance, who earns over $200,000 per show, will be out of hundreds of thousand dollars in earnings for the night, because the NBA wins out, no matter what.
“When booking concert events at the arena during a playoff run, we typically schedule contingency dates for that event. The Warriors will have the priority on April 26,” a spokesperson told SB Nation. “A formal announcement for the Chance the Rapper show is in the works, pending that the show will be moved.”
It’s looking nice for Chance’s fans if the Warriors can hold up during the Playoffs, which start on Saturday, April 15.
According to stats, the Golden State Warriors have beaten the Portland Trail Blazers every single time they have faced off during the regular season.
The countdown to April 26 will start on Easter Sunday, when the Warriors, take on the Trail Blazers.
Chance does not seem to be concerned since he’s rooting for the Chicago Bulls.