Meet The College Drop Out Getting Paid To Make Celebrities Famous On Social Media

Greg Baroth is the most famous social media guru you may have never heard of.

He has turned celebrities like Dan Bilzerian, Vern Troyer, Von Miller, and Steve Aoki into online viral sensations. Greg is the guy that the most elite social media celebs turn to for direction on their latest viral video attempts.
Although jet setting to private resorts and helping artists such as Wiz Khalifa showcase the stoner lifestyle is no doubt a thrill, it’s not all fun and games.
Sometimes even Greg feels like it may be a dream and he has to remind himself of a formula: famous + funny = viral.
Greg explains that the key to a serious viral campaign is made up of just a few factors.
First of all, it’s easiest to start with a social media client who already has a bit of fame and pair them with another established online sensation.
Then it’s up to guys like Greg to create a funny yet very easily doable gag that will help the viral nature of that post. Greg, who is one of the biggest players in the Social Media Management game make up to $10,000 per client per month.
“My first year, I made $75,000. After that, it’s always been six figures,” Baroth told
If you are looking for a career change of pace consider the chaotic world of Professional Social Media Production.