Pepsi Will Recover From The Kendall Jenner Fiasco Because Of Your Love For Sugar

The Internet refuses to let up on Pepsi, even though it’s been days since the company pulled the dreadful ad with Kendall Jenner.
Pepsi definitely deserves all they are getting for thinking an advertisement with a Kardashian (Kendall), mashed with Civil Rights protesters and dancing cops would go over well.
So far, it looks like Pepsi is only experiencing some embarrassment from the endless memes that have been generated, mocking the commercial
And even some those are actually rather entertaining, the underlying issue of police brutality remains a serious issue and threat to the safety of African-Americans in the United States.
Pepsi is receiving all kinds of attention, unfortunately, is not the kind they want.

Google Search of Pepsi April 8, 2017
Source: Google Search of Pepsi April 8, 2017

Google Search of Pepsi April 8, 2017

So what can Pepsi do to clean up this mess?

Enter the expert.
Ryan McCormick is a Reputation Management Specialist for Goldman McCormick PR.
McCormick believes that Pepsi, which has over $7 billion in cash flow, certainly has the deepest of pockets to weather the storms.
“In the long term, I don’t think this ad will cause irreparable damage to the Pepsi brand,” McCormick explained. “In the short term, Pepsi may see a drop in revenue, depending on how many people take action with their wallets that were offended by this ill-conceived commercial.”
McCormick said Pepsi has two major advantages: their money and the fact that their product is highly addictive.
1. “The American public has a short-term memory and an even shorter attention span. Pepsi can present a number of positive distractions and spectacles, in the form of new commercials or charitable donations, that will likely make today’s crisis be a forgotten footnote a month or a year from now.”
Two: “Pepsi has a product that is loaded with a highly addictive substance called sugar (a 12-ounce serving of Pepsi contains 41 grams of it). Some people may be very upset with Pepsi, but they may not be able to walk away from the product that easily if they have a dependency on it. “
According to Ryan McCormick, Pepsi has taken the right steps by pulling the ad and issuing an apology for creating the commercial in the first place.
However, he believes the company needs to “begin writing big checks to organizations that were most offended by their commercial.”
“Pepsi’s controversial ad should be a lesson for all corporations to never, ever hawk their products using national strife and tragedy as the backdrop,” Ryan McCormick said.

Courtesy of Pepsi