The Guy Who Became Famous For Being Punched At Donald Trump's Rally Has A Hip-Hop Mixtape Out

Remember how outraged you were watching that Trump rally when an African-American gentleman who was being accompanied out of the venue by police when he was snuck by some white guy as he was leaving?

The incident stoked outrage after being caught on camera. It immediately went viral and highlighted the circus that was President Trump’s 2016 campaign.
The man who was attacked is not looking back and has turned that crazy ass moment into a full-fledged album.
Rakeem Jones, 27, was not looking for any type of publicity when he protested during 45’s rally on March 9 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The other character involved in the episode was 78-year-old named John Franklin McGraw, who looked to have been “caught up in the moment” and too pumped up during Trump’s speech.
After some period, Fayetteville cops finally got around to charging McGraw with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.
Amazingly, Rakeem has been able to forgive McGraw and the two men hugged it out during McGraw’s sentencing and promised to “heal America together.”

“We had separate lives before, and we went back to our separate lives. It happened. We handled it and that was it.” Rakeem Jones to the Fayetteville Observer on being assaulted at a Donald Trump rally

Rakeem hopes to accomplish a different kind of exposure with his new company MOET City Productions, which released a new mixtape with his crew.
During a sit-down with the Fayetteville Observer, Rakeem expressed his uneasiness regarding the national media spotlight over the punching incident, and instead wants the world to know about his rap career.
Rakeem said he is looking to follow the trajectory of one of his favorite artists: Chance the Rapper.
But forget the politricks on their mixtape, according to group member Young Black.
“You can party to this mixtape from beginning to end,” Yung Black promised.
Take a listen to the full mixtape, called “Ballin Wit No Deal.”