Women Can Now Have Their Marijuana and Cannabis Tampons Delivered Right To The Doorstep

A large marijuana delivery service in California is offering up something unique to their customers – cannabis delivered to your door, by a female driver.
Upon first glance, it seems like the help could be something out of a wet dream, but that kind of thinking is specifically why Pot Valet is launching their new service.
Pot Valet has built itself into a powerhouse in California, where the business currently services almost every city in the state. And the company has plans to expand their operations to states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use.
Since the company delivers their goods right to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less, they have launched a program to protect “women’s rights” by offering up women drivers for their female customer base.
“Many women are uncomfortable when strange men arrive on their doorstep, knowing where they live and when they are home. Women seldom allow men onto their property, and such concerns are very valid,” a rep for PotValet.com said in a statement. “Male delivery drivers are unwelcome, especially when women are home alone. Pot Valet no longer sends men to the homes of its female patients. Instead, they now get cannabis by female drivers.”
Pot Valet is also delivering feminine hygiene products infused with cannabis to their female customer base, to ease the pains of monthly menstruation.
“They all come medicated with the highest quality medical marijuana. Cannabis-infused pads and tampons effectively ease the pain of menstrual cramps and female discomfort, while suppositories are for both pleasure and pain relief,” the rep said.
To order marijuana delivery through Pot Valet, go to PotValet.com. It’s all legit too: patients must upload a copy of their Medical Marijuana Card and a recent I.D. photograph.