Here Are 4 Tips For Indie Rappers to Find Success, From An Indie Rapper

Many new artists underestimate the financial and mental energy that will go into producing a successful career.

According to rising rapper Christian Vind, starting a career in music comes with the same headaches as launching any new business.
Christian decided to create with an entrepreneurial mind state from the beginning in order to achieve his end goal.
“It gives me a broader perspective on how to continue growing my career as a musician as well as pursue other business interests within the entertainment industry,” the rapper said in an interview with Inc.
But Christian has also experienced a variety of roadblocks and like many new artists, he has encountered sleazy promoters, producers managers lawyers and other music industry types, who have one goal – to get your money.
Thankfully, Christian offered up some really solid tips for new artists in need of insight into the music business.

Watch Out For Haters

Be wary of critics. It is one thing to be open to constructive criticism, but it is also important to realize when someone is tearing you down in order to sell you a service like you’re some kind of sucker.
“Their first move is to criticize. They try to shame you into buying their services and make you feel like an idiot if you say no,” according to Christian.

Find Great Mentors

One thing Christian Vind found invaluable in his quest to become the next big rap star, is working with people who have more knowledge than he does. “I have an excellent set of mentors that I work with that I know I can trust to give me solid advice. Without the training I’ve received from mentors, there is no way I’d be on the course in life I am right now.”

Background Check

Nowadays, it is very easy to post a picture of yourself with a celebrity and gain some kind of credibility. According to Christian, this is exactly why a background check is essential you don’t want to be tricked. Plus, when you apply for a job they do a background check, so don’t feel any type of way trying to screen out people who will not advance your business or career.
“If you do some research, you can quickly find out who the real deal is and who is simply out to make a quick dollar off of you.”

Pay Attention to The Fine Print

Anyone can do a deal and sign a contract. The point is to enter into an agreement that is mutually beneficial for you and the entity you are about to do business with.
“The final step is to create a contract that is mutually beneficial. So many artists have limited their success by entering into bad business agreements.”
Check out the full interview with Christian Vind over at and listen to a few of his tracks below:
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