A$AP Ferg Went to Africa and Came Back On A Mission To Help Students

A$AP Ferg may hail from the birthplace of hip-hop (New York), but he’s looking for he’s looking to the motherland for inspiration for his new clothing line.

Ferg, who represents Harlem, became interested in the UNIFORM brand after he found out about the founder’s mission to educate children on the continent.
His team tracked down UNIFORM founder Chid Liberty and the brand decided to collaborate with A$AP Ferg on the TRAPLORD X UNIFORM limited edition capsule collection.
The TRAPLORD X UNIFORM collaboration is perfect according to Ferg, and will produce tees, sweatshirts, military inspired lightweight outerwear cargo pants and shorts for the guys, while he designed fitted crop tops, cropped hoodies, high-waisted camo shorts, cargo trousers, and some handy snap off skirts for the ladies.

“My brand, TRAPLORD, that’s all about pulling yourself up from the bottom and this amazing brand UNIFORM that’s on a mission to give these beautiful underprivileged kids an opportunity to pull themselves up through education.” A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg is also taking it a step further than many of the people and businesses who have exploited the rich resources of Africa for their own personal gain.
The rap star traveled to Liberia with UNIFORM founder Chid Liberty to inspect the factories making the new capsule collection, in addition to hanging out with the kids who will ultimately benefit from the sales of the TRAPLORD X UNIFORM.
“As an African and an American it’s pretty epic to connect the African American genius of hip-hop and street fashion to my native Liberia to help our children go to school,” said UNIFORM Founder Chid Liberty. “I hope it leads to more collaboration and unification with rappers and the continent because whether we’re in Harlem or the slums of Monrovia, the trap is real.”
According to A$AP Ferg, he wants to impact a whole generation of children in Africa.
For every TRAPLORD X UNIFORM purchase, UNIFORM will produce and donate a school uniform to a child in Africa.

“Imagine something as simple as a school uniform can impact an entire generation because these kids can’t get to school. Just imagine that. Coming from Harlem, I understand struggle and fighting to get something,” A$AP Ferg added.
It was this type of insight and humility that helped seal the partnership between TRAPLORD X UNIFORM.
“Beyond being a ridiculously dope rapper and designer, Ferg is just a really good dude who has made this amazing commitment to education for some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. He’s a true global citizen.”
TRAPLORD X UNIFORM collaboration is available now at all Bloomingdale’s locations around the United States.
Take a look at Ferg in Liberia and support the rap star’s latest mission.