Ayo and Teo Dropped Out Of School To Pursue Success…Looks Like It Worked

Over the last four months Ayleo and Mateo, collectively known as “Ayo and Teo” have been taking the Internet by storm.

The duo was most notably known for their dancing skills prior to the release of their “Rolex” and they were originally put on through the dance videos they posted on YouTube.
Ayo and Teo were eventually discovered by none other than Chris Brown.
The brothers’ new song “Rolex” is their first to crack the Billboard Singles Chart.
Ayo, 20 and Teo, 17, were born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have literally been dancing since they were in diapers.
The two have always been musically inclined and not only pride themselves as dancers, but Ayo is a proficient musician as well.
The eldest brother is a piano, drum, and trombone enthusiast who honed his craft in his high school marching band. In 2014 Ayo invited his younger brother Teo to the talent show at the community college he was attending.
Teo wasn’t even out of high school yet!
By 2016 Ayo and Teo were able to get on the “Let’s Dance The Tour” with young artists such as Silento and IloveMemphis. It was around this time that the siblings decided to pursue a career in the business.
Ayo dropped out of college, while Teo left high school.

“I had to get out of public school because I’d get stalked and distracted. People were asking for pictures. I’d say no because I’m in school, and then get in trouble because they’d be crying.” – Teo to Billboard

For Ayo, he sensed it was time to leave college for a greater opportunity.
“It was my first year in college,” Ayo said. “I knew going to college at that time wasn’t the move. I was like, we need to keep doing these videos. My dad didn’t understand the social media stuff at first, but now he does.
The tour promoted Ayo and Teo build a new, wider fanbase, which paved the way for their single “Rolex” and the #RolexChallenge which immediately inspired people to create their own dances to the track.
The musical and online marketing talents of these guys will certainly keep them on our radar for a long long time.