Here's Why Drake's New Label Deal Could Finally Mean Big Business For Grime

At the moment, Drake is one of the most successful musicians in the world.

The Toronto rap star, who is still riding the wave of his hit “playlist” “More Life,” is taking advantage of his current power, with a new business deal.
Drake’s OVO Sound label just extended their partnership with Warner Bros Records.
Much of the success of “More Life” life can be attributed to the United Kingdom and the influence of the genre of Grime music on the Toronto rap star.
Under the new deal with Warner Bros. Records, music industry veteran Mr. Morgan will run OVO Sound out of New York.
The move is significant and very strategic, as Mr. Morgan, who also hails from Toronto, has broken some of the best Hip-Hop acts, from all over the world, including Kardinal Offishall, Rascalz, k-os and many others.
Mr. Morgan is also most likely the most important person in Hip-Hop from Toronto, next to Drake.
The opening of the OVO office in New York should give a boost to associated Grime acts like Giggs, Skepta, Section Boyz and other rappers Drake has opted worked with.

Will America be able to embrace the UK artist?

For years, artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and other famous UK artists have employed fake American accents, in order to please the fickle U.S. fan.
But in Grime music, falsifying anything is not even considered an option.
So far, there hasn’t really been a breakout Grime star in the US, other than Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah, in terms of chart success.
According to U.K. rapper Wiley, who is considered Grime’s godfather, American’s will not accept the genre because of the artists’ British accents.
Unfortunately, Wiley believes that Azealia Banks’ big mouthed comments about Grime represent most Americans’ view of the genre.

“I’ll be honest with you – I don’t think Americans like grime. Azealia Banks said what she really thought the other day. I’m not talking about the racist stuff, I mean her saying that ‘Grime is garbage’: That’s how they all think.” U.K. Grime rapper Wiley to Rolling Stone

“[Drake] seems to understand,” Grime rapper Wiley told Rolling Stone. “But every other North American, they appreciate it, but they can’t put our accent before their own. It’s sad and it’s brutal and no one wants to hear me say it, but after all the years I’ve been doing it I’ve finally realized it.”

Wiley could be on to something.

An article published on Noisey called “We Asked a Load of Americans Why They Think Giggs Sucks” featured fans bashing Grime – and of course, Giggs.
“It’s probably me not being use to the British accent in a rapping format,” one listener told Noisey. “Rap and hip-hop often take on a very hardcore tone in the States, but to my untrained ears the British accent doesn’t give me that vibe.
While Wiley and some fans are skeptical of Grime’s chances in the United States, Drake seems to already be programming his massive fan base, which is finally giving the genre the attention it deserves.
“More Life” already has people using UK slang like “No more long talks,” “Getting tanned” (shot), and “Certy” (certified).

According to Giggs, who appears on the songs “No Long Talk” and “KMT” on “More Life,” UK Grime rappers will eventually earn the respect of the entire world, regardless of their accents, or where fans are located.
“We’re sick, we’re as hard as anyone and we make bangers, and people are more embracing where man’s coming from,” Giggs told Hypbeast in an interview.
A surge of Grime from the UK would be great for America, which could use another British invasion.