Game College: Professor Pimpin’ Ken Breaks Down Theory Of Control From the Street to the Boardroom

Professor Ken Ivy is not your ordinary professor. His street credentials run deep and the pimpin’ professor gives out advice through a curriculum called Game College.

In addition to self-publishing books like “The Art of Human Chess” or “The 48 Laws of the Game,” Pimpin’ Ken also doles out free game on his YouTube channel.
Professor Ken is not trying to turn young men and women into pimps with Game College, he’s simply passing on the wisdom he has learned from working the streets as a pimp, to operating his own thriving online businesses.
In this clip, Professor Ken outlines what it takes to be successful in any trade, whether you are working in the world’s oldest profession, or trying to create a new 21st century, cutting edge brand.
Professor Ken presents his hypothesis, which breaks down three key elements that go into mastering people, whether it’s your woman or man, your rap career or a huge brand.

1. Get in Their Head

The mind is what controls the body [and] 90% of the things we do is a direct result of our subconscious mind. When you eat, you don’t just eat. You don’t count your measurements, you naturally eat because it is subconsciously programmed in your mind. You have gotten your own head that you have taught yourself to eat in your own head, without actually going through the process of eating.
When you walk, you just walk and don’t count your steps. You got inside your own head, and you know how to walk because you’ve programmed yourself to walk. When you get in somebody’s head, you don’t have to tell him what to do anymore, they’re gonna do it anyway because you’ve programmed them to do what you say to do.

2. Repetition Is a Powerful Thing

“The record labels, when they want to program someone into liking a particular song, one of the things they do is they have the DJ play some Yo Gotti. You never heard Yo Gotti before, your mind has already been programmed to listen to Jay Z. But when they put that Yo Gotti on and you’ve never heard that Yo Gotti, you say “what the hell is that, put that Jay-Z back on. Because you’ve been programmed to listen to Jay Z.” – Professor Pimpin’ Ken

But what happens is, after a while, the DJ continuously plays the Yo Gotti, MTV plays Yo Gotti, BET plays Yo Gotti and it becomes a part of your mindset. They get in your head through repetition.

3. Think Ahead

Coca-Cola, you know Coca-Cola. Beats by Dre, you know Beats by Dre. You know them because they’ve been programming you for the last hundred years maybe with Coca-Cola and the last 10 years with Beats by Dre, in order to know their product. Anything you do you want to get into someone’s head…you have to be a strategic thinker. You have to be a manipulator.
You have to see all things necessary in order to become powerful on this level.