Game College: Professor Ken Breaks Down The Key Ingredients Of A Plan

When it comes down to achieving success, a backup plan is essential whether it is financial goals, your plans for college, over even your relationship.

In this week’s class, Professor Ken explains the finer points of creating a plan and more importantly, how to properly execute one.
Even though he is a retired pimp known as “Pimpin’ Ken,” Professor Ken learned valuable lessons on the street, while plying his illegal trade.
While he was running the streets as Pimpin Ken, the future “Professor” of Street-o-logy quickly recognized that planning was required if he wanted to maintain his freedom and attract the best “employees” – which were his hoes at the time.
Many years later, Ken understood that these same principles are applicable in legitimate businesses.

“You don’t want to be involved in negativity, I don’t want you to look at this as just Pimpin because I did this at one time, [or that it is] it’s cool to do, no no, I’m not saying that,” Professor Ken explains. “What I’m saying is that the principles the principles that I described…are synonymous with the principles in business.”

Plan to Work and Work the Plan

“Make sure to follow through on them,” Professor Ken said. “If we want to be successful, we have to plan all the way to the end. That’s what life is all about baby. A man without a plan, Plans to fail baby.”

Have a Plan A, B, and C

According to Professor Ken, he knew he wanted to start his “Game College” way before he authored any of his books. This vision enabled the Professor to lay out a plan to follow, from the inception of his product to the design of his courses.
“I don’t want to just do a book,” Professor Ken explained. “I wanted to do a class too. My plan not only allows me to make money off the book, but I was able to make money off the classes to, and that’s what planning do.”


Just having a plan is not good enough. If you are not actively making things happen, there is no purpose in doing anything, according to the Professor.
“You got to execute. You gotta bring this thing to fruition. You can’t just say ‘I’ma do this, or I’ma do that’ and then procrastinate. You got to follow through. And you have to have a burning desire for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in those plans.”
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