Tourism Minister Refuses to Let Ja Rule Ruin The Bahamas Image, So Here Are Some Facts About Exuma

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is acting preemptively to clear up a bunch of fake news floating around after Ja Rule’s disastrous Fyre Festival.

To recap: the rapper and a partner named Billy McFarland tried to organize the Fyre Festival, which was supposed to take place on the island of Great Exuma.
The Fyre Festival was billed as a “luxury” event in the Bahamas, with patrons being charged up to $49,000 to attend. But instead of “private luxury villas” and gourmet food, patrons instead were welcomed with disaster relief tents, lack of food and water, thieves, and other basic amenities they had already paid for.

Organizers initially said the island Exuma did not have the “physical infrastructure” to accommodate a larger than usual turnout and also blamed a recent storm for the terribly run event.
As a result result of all the turmoil, angry fans have filed $100 million lawsuit out against Ja Rule, Billy McFarland and The Fyre Festival, claiming they knew it was going to be a flop months before getting anyone out to the private island of Exuma, which is one of 16 islands that make of the Bahamas.
The Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has issued some facts surrounding Exuma since most of the images make the place seem more like a bad nightmare from hell.
According to Joy Jibrilu, Great Exuma is one of the “meet most beautiful and developed islands” in the Bahamas, despite the hellish scenes shown around the world, after the Fyre Festival.

“Exuma is one of the most beautiful and developed islands in The Bahamas, and we in the Ministry are so disappointed that there have been false claims surrounding the island.” Joy Jibrilu told

Jibrilu defended the island of Great Exuma amid reports from the organizers that it lacked the necessary infrastructure to host the Fyre Festival and addressed some of the seedier rumors being spread about the island.
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Source: Manoel Lemos/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Manoel Lemos

— Despite reports, the waters surrounding Great Exuma are not shark infested. Each year, thousands of guests enjoy the pristine waters of Exuma without incident. Compass Cay, which is in the northern Exuma chain, is a popular destination for tour boat operators and allows guests to swim with and feed nurse sharks.

— Claims that the island of Great Exuma is a remote private cay with no infrastructure are also patently false.

Source: Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson/CC BY 2.0

— The infrastructure on Great Exuma is second to none. The island has potable water, water and sewerage, internet and cable television services, an electricity plant, a waste management system, a mini hospital, police officers, a local government and border patrol officers.

Source: Eric Wilson

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— International flights arrive at the airport on Great Exuma daily, as the island is home to several high-end resorts such as Sandals Emerald Bay, Grand Isle Resort and Spa, among many others including Hideaways at Palm Bay, the Exuma Beach Resort, Staniel Cay Yacht Club, February Point, Club Peace and Plenty and Palm Bay Beach Club.

— The island is also an hour away from Miami via airplane.

— Many American celebrities own private islands in the Exumas including Johnny Depp, David Copperfield and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, to name a few.