50 Cent May Stay In Beef, But He Breaks Down How He Stays In Business

Over the years, 50 Cent has been through numerous trials and tribulations, from his pre-rap career in addition to his time as a top artist in the entertainment industry.

One thing about 50 Cent is that he is very resilient.
Being shot nine times and living through it, to go on to have a successful run in the music business like 50’s is rare.
Since the beginning, 50 has garnered the respect of CEOs and gangsters alike, and there is no one better on the block or in the boardroom to collaborate with.
Curtis Jackson commands respect across all aspects of his life but seems to take corporate business just as serious as anything else he does.
Here are some of the keys to 50’s endurance over the years.


After 50 was shot up, he lost his deal with Sony but that didn’t stop the rapper. In fact, he struck an independent deal with Landspeed and distributed his own mixtapes, including “Power of the Dollar” Guess Who’s Back, which landed him a deal with Shady/Aftermath.

“I thought I was ready in 97′, but I didn’t have a major record label pushing me until 2003. So for that time. I had to run on my own energy, I had to convince myself that I’m gonna make it regardless of how people felt at that time.”

Self-Control and Discipline

50 may seem like a wild bull on the surface, but underneath there’s a cool, calm collected businessman. In addition to running his own record label G-Unit, 50 has scored deals with brands like Reebok, Vitaminwater, he promotes his own vodka Effen and has a #1 series with “Power.” In order to run such successful businesses, and grow his net worth to about $100 million, there is an incredible amount of responsibility and self-control that comes with 50’s job.

“I kinda had to believe in myself to make these things happen. I feel like you can will yourself to a good space. Things that are meant to happen will and if you believe in yourself enough you can help yourself learn. It gives me a bigger responsibility, not just for myself but for other people. Now they can have an example of how you can make it. Living in a house without both of your parents is not an excuse for not making it.”


Bootstrapping is a term businesses used to describe the process of funding your own business, and reinvesting the profits until the business takes off. There are plenty of successful businessman on the market today. For instance, GoPro, Craigslist, the computer giant Hewlett-Packard are even 50’s career and ultimately his brands, are examples of bootstrapped companies.

“Not having anything initially isn’t an excuse to not make it. For me, at this point, I tell them good luck if they think they can make me feel like I cannot do something I set my mind to. Coming from where I come from it is impossible to discourage me.”