Game College: Professor Ken Explains Why You Should Choose Prosperity Over Popularity

“I don’t give a f**k about fame/I’d rather deal with a number than a motherf**king name/Get me paid and then rap/Cause all the other bulls**t money ain’t jack” – Eazy E – The Grand Finale

This week’s lesson from Game College, Professor Ken breaks down the importance of chasing prosperity over popularity and the wisdom contained in that Eazy-E line, taken from The D.O.C.’s classic album, No One Can Do It Better.
In this era of social media, showing off on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat has become the norm.
Bow Wow became the poster boy for this lesson after he was caught fronting like he was flying around on private jets when he was really flying coach (gasp).
According to the Professor, a lot of young people blow their cash on things like cars, rims, sound systems, and other worthless material items, all in order to impress the opposite sex, when the goal should really be to stack as much cash as possible.
Here are Professor Ken’s rules on “prosperity over popularity.”

Fame Can’t Pay Rent

According to Professor Ken, the end goal should always be to fatten your own pockets. What is the point of looking good or having material items if you are flat broke?
“Yes you look good driving down in that Chevy box with those 30 inches on, with your system booming and all the girls looking at you,” Professor Ken explains. “But at the end of the day, when you walk away you, you walk away with nothing.”

“I always tell people, no matter how famous I become, it’s always about the prosperity and not the popularity. Everything I do, I do to feed my kids.” Professor Ken, Game College

Change Your Reality, By Changing Your Mentality.

Money is something that should be looked upon as tool, according to Professor Ken. You must know what to purchase and why, and there should always be an objective if you are going to splash some cash down on something pricey.
“Sometimes I buy jewelry, sometimes I buy expensive cars,” Professor Ken explained. “Those are only tools are used to get me to the next level. When people see you as successful, then they tend to treat you as successful. That’s the only time that I advise spending money on high end items. If it’s to enhance your business, and character and make people want to deal with you on another level. Always try to get the money first.”

Money Can Buy Fame

While this may seem rather obvious, a small investment of cash (if you have it) can go much further to enhance your popularity, than say a new Rolex.
“You can take $30,000 and you can hire 50 Cent, Jay-Z or Dr. Dre’s publicist and they will make you the most famous person in the world… That’s what money can do. when you are prosperous you can buy anything. You can buy fame, you can buy attention, you can buy marketing, you can buy advertising. But if you are broke and you spend your money on meaningless things, then you can’t buy anything.”

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