Here's Why Dubai Was The Perfect Backdrop For 2 Chainz' New Video "Sleep When U Die"

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz just dropped the video for his new single “Sleep When U Die” and where did he choose to shoot the video? Dubai of course.

2 Chainz traveled to the country to shoot the “Sleep When U Die,” which is taken from his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.
The backdrop for the video is perfect showcase 2 Chainz’ brand message – he only fucks with the best, girls, cars jewelry and of course the highest fashion.
Dubai had already cornered the market for luxury goods in the Middle East, but now the country is becoming a powerhouse on the world stage.
Over the years, rappers like Drake, Future, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti and dozens of others have journeyed to the country, to catch some checks and do some shopping.

“A lot of state-of-the-art flagship stores are here and you can expect shopping in an exclusive environment which is something people expect and demand from Dubai,” Alison Tay, Editor-in-Chief of Grazia Middle East, told Reuters.

Prior to the emergence of Dubai, luxury shoppers had to travel to New York City, Paris, London and other cities to find the luxury goods they were searching for.
But since Dubai’s emergence, luxury retailers are consolidating in the country, which is making the UAE hot.
According to estimates, shoppers are expected to fork over $289 billion this year in luxury goods and Dubai is going to get a big chunk of that, thanks to the marketing efforts of hip-hop and artists like 2 Chainz.