Slim Thug Isn't Feeling The #FloydMayweatherChallenge and Offers Up A Better Hashtag

The latest challenge to pop up on social media is the #FloydMayweatherchallenge, where participants are supposed to show off how they are “really” living.

The challenge was created by Floyd himself, in an attempt to promote his upcoming August fight against UFC champ, Conor McGregor.
Floyd’s blatant self-promotion resulted in a series of hilarious photos of “average” people showing off their beat up rides, and their simple lives compared to the ballerific life of Floyd.
But there were other people on the net who took up Floyd on the challenge and posted themselves snatching up what looked to be pricey jewelry and flashing wads of cash.
One rapper who isn’t a fan of the challenge is Slim Thug.
Slim is not feeling Floyd’s challenge and called on people to stop wasting their money, by creating his own new challenge.

“I want to do the boss life challenge, where you gotta go to your own hood. If you’re a boss, you need to go back to your old hood, open up a business, buy some homes.” Slim Thug

“If you can afford that big ass chain, knowing your jeweler and gonna come help you if the hood needs help when some disaster shit strikes, take your ass and go buy a house and open up a business,” Slim Thug said.
Slim Thug pointed out a lack of Black-owned businesses in black communities when compared to other races like Asians, Whites, and Latins.
According to stats, Blacks Americans make up about 12% of the U.S. population, but only 3.3% own businesses that are less than two years old.
“[Open a business] instead of buying them chains, and spending money on cars, and seeing who can spend the most on clothes, the shit you can’t get nothing back from,” Slim Thug reasoned. “The shit [that] is going to play out. Invest. open up the store, buy some property. Do some shit is gonna make you money.”