Tyga’s New Business Is Selling Water, Will You Drink This?

Hip-Hop star Tyga is banking on a big payday with a new investment in 138 Water.

Tyga has entered into a three-year endorsement deal with 138 Water and he is now also a full fledged partner in the operation.
The new brand dubs itself as a “premium fashion water” and Tyga has now become the second largest shareholder in the company.

“Working with 138 Water lets me pursue my entrepreneurial side and get involved with a product I believe in,” Tyga said. “138 Water reflects the way I live my life and the positive energy I try to spread through my music.”

In addition to owning half of the company, Tyga is going to get to work promoting his new water in advertising, social media, product integrations and online advertising.
With Tyga’s promotion, 138 Water is expanding its distribution to grocery, convenience and specialty food stores across California, with plans to lands on stores nationwide in the near future.