Check Out This Epic 360 Tour Of DJ Khaled's House

They say home is where the heart is, and DJ Khaled’s heart is definitely in the right place.
The hit producer/social influencer’s business deals with brands like Snapchat, Poshmark and others appears to be paying off.
His number one album “Grateful” has been riding the charts for three weeks, and it looks like its fattening Khaled’s pockets like a hot meal from his restaurant Fingalicking.
DJ Khaled gave the New York Times a 360° tour of his house.
In the video, Khaled reveals that he relaxes in his garden, where he probably makes his most important decisions, as he relaxes in an area he has dubbed “Jerusalem.”
“It’s so peaceful,” DJ Khaled said. “I come out here with my son, we meditate, we catch a vibe. I feel like I’m in a whole other country.”
Elsewhere in the tour, DJ Khaled shows us his pool, where he also meditates, since the soothing sounds of the water remind him of the ocean.