Big Sean's Mogul Prep Is Also Prepping Him To Be A Mogul

Big Sean has had a great year with the success of his certified gold album I Decided, and a sold-out show at Radio City Music Hall.

Big Sean sat down with ABC Nightline to discuss how he got into music and what he’s doing to give back to his hometown, the city of Detroit.
He recounted a story where his friend called him telling him Kanye was at the local radio station and he should go rap for him.
Even though Kanye was running late, Big Sean rap up on Yeezy, said he could rap, and dropped some bars for him as they walked to their cars.
Kanye signed Big Sean to G.O.O.D Music in 2007 and he released his first album in 2011, Finally Famous.
Because of the way he got his break and his love for his city, Big Sean created a program called Mogul Prep that teaches kids from economic difficult backgrounds about the various jobs in the music industry.

“I didn’t even realize all of the people I had to hire…Those jobs last longer than most of the artists’ careers.” – Big Sean

His work uplifting his community has earned him the coveted key to the city.
“Detroit has gone through the ups and downs as a whole and it gives you the spirit of a champion.” Big Sean said of the city.
Detroit has produced other rappers from the up and coming rapper Tee Grizzley to arguably one of the greatest rappers in the world, Eminem.
Big Sean said he admires the way Eminem is able to flip his words and you hear Big Sean incorporate that in his music, especially in his hit single Bounce Back.
And to everyone who has something to say about white people rapping, Big Sean says, “White, black, whatever, it’s about the music. Music has no color. It’s the universal language that breaks all barriers.”