G-Eazy Invests His Music Money Into Liquor With New Company, Stillhouse

G-Eazy is getting his “Diddy” on and hopes to become the next big money man in the liquor world, with his new business venture, Stillhouse.
The company, which is known for its clear American Whiskey, has made G-Eazy a partner and co-creative director of the entire company, alongside CEO & Founder, Brad Beckerman.
The rapper said he had carefully vetted a number of companies before decided to work with Stillhouse, since their deal was more than just the usual marketing and promotion deal most artists typically sign.
“Spirits companies had approached me with endorsement deals but that was just money,” said G-Eazy. “I kept running into Stillhouse everywhere and fell in love with the brand not to mention its smooth whiskey. I wanted to partner with Brad because he has this infectious energy and passion for the brand he’s continuing to grow. We hit it off quick with an instant shared vision and love for Stillhouse.”
G=Eazy decided to plunk down some of his hard-earned money from the music business and put it into Stillhouse to prove his commitment to the company’s success.
“We had an instant bond – in my gut I knew that G would make an amazing partner and contributor to Stillhouse because of his drive, creativity and meticulousness,” Brad Beckerman said.
The Loyola University G-Eazy will apply his marketing expertise to the company right away, by focusing first on the Louisiana market, home to the musician’s alma mater.
“I’m honored and excited to represent my second home and old stomping grounds. Can’t wait for NOLA to see what we have coming,” G-Eazy said.