Meek Mill Talks Trick Daddy and "Trickle Down Econmics"

Meek Mill has responded to Trick Daddy’s allegations that he has a problem with people in Miami.
The whole thing started went Trick hit social in a blind rage, calling out Meek.
Trick Daddy had some problems with Meek over comments he made on Ebro in the morning, regarding his own influence on the city of Miami, even though he’s from Philly.
During an interview on Philly’s “Rise and Grind” morning show, said Trick Daddy has fallen victim to the oldest “trick” in the book: divide and conquer.
Meek denied having issues with anybody, including Trick Daddy or the city of Miami.
“Being in a relationship like that [with Nicki Minaj] was a threat. It came with a lot of hate. Like ‘why is he doing this?'” the rapper reasoned.
“It’s a divide and conquer situation.” – Meek Mill
According to Meek, he loves the city of Miami, and the streets love him back.
“When I go to Miami, they be telling me ‘yo Miami don’t bang with nobody, as far as the streets.’ Like when you’re out here, and you’ve got your jewelry, and real dudes that’s going through real stuff in life is connecting to you, Miami don’t get down with people like that. I got a real connection out there.
“I felt like that all is a part of divide and conquer.”
Elsewhere, Meek discussed his philosophies on giving back.
Apparently, Meek studied the concept of “trickle-down economics.”
Later in the discussion with hosts Mina Say What and Mikey Dread the rapper revealed that he does way more than just post charitable events for the local community.
In addition to toy drives, Meek said he employs a good number of people from Philadelphia, with the aim of keeping them off the street and out of a life of crime.
“I employ people from the street who didn’t have nothing,” Meek explained. “It trickles down to the families. It trickles down to his mom. His son, my family, me working with one of my friends, they end up [living] out of the hood.
“And these young kids would’ve grown up in the projects with guns, and a drug infested environment.”