Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Own Poop!

A student in Tampa, Florida is taking recycling to a whole new level and making a profit off of it.
Michael Garcia doesn’t just recycle plastics, paper and other waste we all produce, he also recycles and sells his own poop.
Michael works with Dr. David Shepherd, a doctor who specializes in fecal transplants. He sells his poop to Dr. Shepard and pulls down about $7,000 a year in the process.
Michael’s healthy stool is then deposited into the colon of someone who is sick.
Michael is aware to keep a healthy diet, which resulted in his poop being favored by the doctors office, since it’s much thicker and consistent then the average person’s crap.
“That’s what we look for. A person who is physically, mentally at the top of their game,” Dr. Shepard said.
It’s not as easy as it looks, but it sure looks like a good way of earning some extra income.