Now You Can Go To College To Be A Social Media Star

There is a university in China that is offering a degree for social media influencing.
If students complete three years of the course, they will obtain their associate degree.
In a recent video, The Young Turks criticized this course saying only “vain” people would go there and that it is useless.
But, there is a lot of money that could potentially be made from social media, witnessed by Chinese social influencer Wang Hong, who makes about $46 million a year.
You could get Insta-famous from almost anything; you’re not necessarily “vain” or a dumb person if you chose to major in this.
The way social media is blowing up; it’s a business in of itself and empowers people to work for themselves.
There are many opportunities using social media and if there’s a course that could teach you how to obtain success like social media stars Jake Paul, Madi Bragg, LaurDIY, then why not.