Steve Stoute Reveals How He Learned To Be Fearless, Win Awards and Make Millions

Before he transitioned out of the music business, Steve Stoute had already earned his stripes as a top notch manager for some of the world’s biggest artists and labels.

Artists and brands like Nas, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, McDonald’s and State Farm have turned to Steve Stoute for his expertise in business.
But Steve Stoute wanted more to be more than a manager or the top executive at someone else’s business, so he leaped into the unknown, quit his executive job at Universal and launched his own company, Translation Marketing.
“I left a big job, put it all on the line to go become a partner in an advertising agency, in an industry I was very new to,” Steve Stoute said.
Even though he was just 30-years-old at the time of this most important decision, Steve Stoute said he knew back then to trust his instincts.

“If I bet on myself, I could accelerate my growth in that industry as well.” – Steve Stoute

Translation and Steve Stoute have gone o to win numerous awards in the ad world, including an ADCOLOR Award, in addition to already being inducted into The Advertising Hall of Fame.
The decision to go at it on his own also ultimately led to the creation of his critically acclaimed book, “The Tanning of America,” which was turned into a four-part miniseries for VH1.
“If you are good instincts tells you that is right, I don’t associate that with the risks,” said Stoute, who has investments in companies like Carol’s Daughter, Mass Appeal, Genius, and others.
“I think it’s risk when you don’t follow your gut instinct. That’s risky. There’s something about you that’s innately says this makes sense,” Steve Stoute continued. “For you to not follow that, you’re actually betting against yourself. And that’s risky.”
The fearless mentality allows Steve Stoute to be extremely confident in the companies he invests in.
“I always wanted to do something that that I was passionate about and that I believed in,” Steve Stoute said.