Chance the Rapper's Intern Describes His Job

Earlier this year, Chance the Rapper announced he was looking for an intern, and he found one.
Negele Hospedales is a University of Calgary graduate, who spent the past two months over the summer as chances intern.
Negele landed the position after being selected out of tens of thousands of applicants.
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While Negele did not know what to expect, there was plenty of work to be done for the Grammy award-winning rapper.
Nelgele spent his time interning as Chance’s communications intern on tour, which entailed sending out emails to connect Chance with other artists, and possible clients.
According to Negele, being out on the tour was a great experience.
“You know, it’s definitely fun … it’s tour life,” Negele said. “It’s good that I was around a good group of guys. They’re not too crazy, so it was a nice way to ease into my first tour.”
Negele said the internship with Chance the Rapper has inspired him to create his own company, which he hopes will find the next big brand.
“They might be a model, they might have their own clothing brand, they might be a designer,” Negele said. “I want to help them.”