Organization Co-Founded By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jumps Into Rap With New Hip-Hop Label

One of the country’s most respected Civil Rights organizations is hoping to make a dent on Hip-Hop culture, with the creation of their new record label.
The SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) is preparing to launch their “SCLC Sounds of Justice” record label, which will focus on releasing positive Hip-Hop music, with the aim of engaging young people in issues related to civil rights and social justice.
“That’s where we’re going to get them, with the music,” said Charles Steele, President and CEO of The SCLC. “Many young people want to be a part of us, but they don’t think we’re serious. We’ve got to let them know that we’re serious.”
According to label reps, The SCLC Sounds of Justice label will launch at the 60th Annual Conference in Washington this
Steele noted that music and the SCLC had a long running history since the organization’s founding, back in 1957, when the organization was co-founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“We will get them with the beat,” Steele said, “because I know how important music was to Dr. King. Dr. King always had good audio around him, especially Mahalia Jackson [legendary gospel singer].”